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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  March 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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in south jersey. we are live on the scene where firefighters are still trying to get things under control. snow, sleet and rain. a winter storm is headed our way just in time for the evening commute. and this isn't the only storm we're watching. and doctors turn to texas. a surprise shooting they uncovered when police dropped a man off at the hospital. and the plan for pennsylvania. from taxes to education, what you can expect from governor tom wolf's budget address today. it's 5:30. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we are helping you prepare for the approaching storm that will really make things messy this evening. bill henley, it is really cold out there this morning. teens and 20s with temperatures falling overnight. most of the night, skies were clear. but that's starting to change. clouds are moving in. and it's those clouds that will bring with us the snow and sleet for the evening commute. you can see it is dry across the delaware, but it's a first alert weather day for what is headed
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in this afternoon and this evening. we'll start with light snow but it will change to sleet and freezing rain during the evening commute. it becomes all rain overnight. but until then hazardous travel is likely late this afternoon and this evening. the snow is arriving in the chicago area right now. and into ohio it's got a ways to go, but it's going to be here this evening. 21 right now in trenton. wrightstown, 20. 18 in pottstown. 24 degrees at the northeast philadelphia airport. 26 in south philadelphia. not much wind. very little wind coming in with this storm system to start with. 23 degrees at 7:00 with very light sunshine as the morning progresses. by lunchtime, cloudy skies and 30 degrees. we'll go through it hour by hour to show you when the snow arrives when i'm back in ten. and the nbc 10 team of first alert meteorologists will alert you to changes as this storm approaches today. be sure to follow us on air and through twitter for updates
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throughout the day. 5:32. we have already had one accident, but now we have word of another accident to tell you about. >> the first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is here to update us now. >> this is happening in the lehigh valley the eastbound side of interstate 78 right near route 22. it is difficult to see what is going on. we know police are out at the scene and the right lane is blocked. so we have one lane getting by this accident scene. and it appears to be a multi-vehicle accident. just because of the way the lights are hitting the camera it is difficult to see the actual scene. but at least traffic is getting by. we have lane restrictions in the area with delays forming depending on how long that stays out there. keep that in mind. hunting park, we are still following the accident on west hunting park avenue and north front street. take 2nthennd street to get around this. matt delucia is live outside the easton bible church in hainsport. you said the fire was under control but a number of crews
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are still on the scene. tell us what you know. >> reporter: i can tell you within the past 15 minutes, i speak to one of the pastors who was in the building at the time and you can see some of the fire department presence still out here. we are seeing light smoke rising from this building but he was able to get his family out on time. he thought it was an electrical fire at 3:30 when he realized something was wrong. he got everybody out. at this point what you're seeing right there, mostly offices at the main sanctuary that does not appear to be heavily damaged. at this point, there could be some smoke damage but the fire department out here they have not allowed them to go to the back of this building at this point because there is still an effort to try to put some water on here to put out some of the hot spots. but this is a very large congregation that comes here. at this point, he doesn't know what is going to happen on sunday. i asked him if they are still
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going to be able to use the church building. he says right now they have not figured out that plan just yet. but fortunately no injuries out here in hainesport. we'll back at the top of the hour with an update. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and more breaking news this morning, this is a live picture from camden county where we are on the scene now of an apartment fire there in collinswood. this started in the last hour on west wing terrace. the fire started on the first floor of one of the units there and spread to other units. we don't know yet how severe the damage is. we do know there are no reports of injuries at this point. nbc 10's jesse gary is on the scene gathering more information with a live report coming up at 6:00. 5:34. happening today in harrisburg pennsylvania governor tom wolf will deliver his first budget address. and he's already facing a major obstacle. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in fairmont park with what to expect later this morning. >> reporter: tracy, that
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obstacle governor wolf will be speaking to a republican dominated assembly. now very little is coming out from his camp about the budget. the specifics surrounding it, but insiders are telling us expect it to be ambitious. you now remember during wolf's campaign that he promised to shift the tax burden to the highest earners and cut property taxes. the increase in cash could benefit schools. governor wolf has made it clear that education is a priority. in fact, this weekend you'll remember he removed bill green as head of philadelphia's school reform commission. it came after green voted in favor of new city charter schools. something the governor does not support. the governor will also be proposing a nearly $50 million increase for penn state university. now, we're also hearing his address could call for a reduction in the city wage tax for people who live and work in philadelphia. this morning i've reached out to his press secretary to get more details surrounding that and will have an update in about an
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hour. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> and count on nbc 10 for full coverage of the governor's budget address later this morning. nbc 10's rosemary connors will be live in harrisburg and we'll stream the governor's remarks live on the nbc 10 app. 5:36. new from overnight, a mysterious shooting here with a man who appeared to be passed out inside his car in philadelphia turned out to be the victim of a shooting. police took him to the hospital when the doctors notified the officer that is the man was shot in the face. police went back to the scene to find no evidence of a shooting there but say the man's car was blocking arizona street since 8:00 p.m. the victim is on life support this morning. and well you probably saw this more than once yesterday, chunks of ice flying off the back of vehicles. this morning we're looking at the laws to cover damage done to your car because of the ice and the penalty that you can face if the ice comes from you.
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and speaking of ice, how the online ice bucket challenge is creating better patient care in this area. you won't need anybody to dump it on you later this afternoon. we have snow and an icy evening commute. the hour by hour future weather when i come back.
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@?t it's a first alert weather day. not for this morning but this evening. we are dry this morning. this evening we'll see snow sleet and freezing rain move in. it's in chicago right now, but it will be here during the afternoon. this morning the clouds will be moving in as the temperatures move up. 33 degrees at 1:00 in the afternoon. but you can see what is on the way. that's lightly accumulating snow. at 3:00 you can see it in the lehigh valley. reading, intoed whostown delaware parts of south jersey a little bit of light snow. and snow accumulating an inch to two inches. but that's it. then this large area of pink
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moves in. and that is sleet. and possibly some freezing rain as the temperatures drop. but they won't drop for long because during the late evening hours the temperatures will start to climb. and by early tomorrow morning, we're looking at all rain. so really improving conditions late tonight and into tomorrow even though we're looking at a rainy day for tomorrow. for today, dry to start with. this afternoon during the later afternoon hours we'll see the snow develop. and then it will change over to ice. temperatures in the 30s today. but we're looking at 40s tomorrow. it's thursday that is the problem. the seven-day when i'm back in ten. and 5:40 now. so let's enjoy a dry and hopefully quiet drive to work this morning while we can. >> we know of a couple accidents including the one in the lehigh valley jillian is following. >> this is a live lookment it's tough to see what is going on but interstate 78 eastbound near route 22 we have the right lane blocked. and the far left lane of traffic is the only lane getting by the
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scene right now. it's still a little bit too early that we're not seeing a big delay, but this is something we'll continue to follow for you and give you an alternate route when it comes time. remember the ice bucket challenge when people dumped freezing cold ice water on their heads to raise awareness and a lot of money for als? it's been about six months since the challenge took the nation by storm and $115 million was raised locally. that amounted to thousands of new donors, a new van to transport als patients and an increase in home care hours. that's just the start. find out how else the charity stunt is being put to good use by tabbing the nbc 10 app. well, popularity versus nutrition. the battle shaping up in washington over your child's school lunch. plus how the fbi was able to track down thieves trying to sell million-year-old artifacts.
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at 5:44 we are on the scene of breaking news. this is an apartment fire in collingswood. jesse gary is on the scene. what is going on there, jesse? >> reporter: investigators are looking into a fire here at this horseshoe-type complex.
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you are looking at the base of the horseshoe. the fire happened in one of the units on the far end on the ground floor of this two-story apartment complex. now firefighters say they got here, they got the call at 4:30 and we are here to put this blaze out in about an hour. they gutted the bottom unit but did not make their way to the unit above that. about eight people have been displaced because of the fire. the only injury so far is a firefighter who slipped on the ice while battling the blaze. it is nonlife-threatening, but he slipped on the ice. as we have been reporting all winter that's a very common problem for firefighters. we are trying to get more information and will check back in with you in a few minutes. jesse gary "nbc 10 news." thank you. 5:45 happening today, controversy on callpitol hill. more than four dozen democrats plan to boycott benjamin netanyahu's speech to congress this morning. senator bob casey says he's
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going. republican lawmakers bypassed the white house when they issued the invitation to advertise really prime minister. he's scheduled to discuss the potential deal with iran over nuclear weapons. netanyahu says it could threaten the survival of israel. and hundreds of nutritionists will descend on capitol hill today to lobby for change over the new school lunch standards. now while first lady michelle obama, and other proponents, want to give kids healthier eating options, they say the men you is costly and unpopular. yesterday lawmakers introduced legislation to relax rules by the u.s. department of agriculture requiring less sodium and whole grains. today lawmakers on capitol hill are back at it again with a few days left for new funding for the homeland security department. the department could face a partial shutdown if they can't work out a deal before funding runs out friday at midnight. democrats are pressuring house speaker john boehner to allow a
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vote on the legislation without a provision that republicans want. the bill provides homeland security funding through september 30th. and the secret service is on high alert again after three separate security breaches at the white house within 24 hours. and nbc 10 has learned one of the suspects has ties to this area. early yesterday morning a man slipped inside a secured door as someone else was walking out. another man climbed over a bike rack at the outer perimeter. and officials say kurtis smith of coatesville climbed over a wall. all three suspects were arrested and charged. and nbc 10 is preparing for the pope. as we are, we are getting a clear picture of how crowded the region's hotels will be during his september visit. bucks county officials say their hotels are 90% booked. they are picking the spot of a convenient were for travelers drying south toward philadelphia on i-95. meantime, officials are hoping to entice visitors coming in
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september to make a return trip. >> well, i'm thinking in advance. i'm thinking two years, three years down the road. because we want them to come back. >> in the a related store, the hotel market has many homeowners considering renting out their home. many people need to check their insurance policies to make sure everything would be covered in terms of a short-term rental. you should also hold the renters responsible for damages in a lease contract and get a security deposit. and the republican governor of illinois has some harsh words for new jersey governor chris christie. he says the garden state is going down the drain. illinois governor bruce roader says they have the highest property taxes in the country and the situation is a disaster. it is unclear why the illinois governor is on the attack as governor christie helped him defeat the democratic incumbent
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in illinois. so far christie has not commented. almost ten minutes before 6:00. the ymca of trenton will cut the ribbon today for the new lieu blare outpost. this is the first library outpost many the state that offers a vending machine to allow people to swipe their library card and get a book or the option of ordering a book online and having it delivered to a ymca locker. a cold start this morning, but it is completely dry. clouds are starting to move into the area. they will be arriving during the morning. it is snow and rain that arrives this afternoon. by then the cold will ease a bit, but it will still be cold enough for light accumulation of snow before we see sleet and freezing rain to make for hazardous travel just in time for the commute. and then we're watching thursday, significant snow is possible. and in between we'll get some steady rain. right now 25 degrees in philadelphia. we have a light wind out of the north at 7 miles an hour. the wind will stay pretty light
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today. and we will see a bit of sunshine to begin with through thin clouds but the clouds will quickly take over this morning. then look for the snow to develop this afternoon. right now it's dry in our area. you can see the snow that is coming in from the west. it's already in chicago and moving into indiana. and now some light accumulating snow in northwestern ohio. it will be moving into our area during the afternoon hours. that's 4:00 this afternoon. south jersey philadelphia but we'll see snow to start with in delaware. and then the large area of pink that's the sleet and potentially some freezing rain. but mainly sleet. and then as the temperatures warm up overnight tonight we will see rain. so an unusual pattern starting off with snow then sleet and then rain. and it's going to be a rainy day wednesday. in fact, 9:00 to 5:00 range, 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon the rain comes down. then the cold air approaches to change it back over to snow late wednesday night.
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light accumulating snow off to the north and west. it will spread across the rest of the area as the cold air takes over and accumulating snow thursday morning through most of the morning. by noontime it might be drying out to the north and west but that's accumulating snow for delaware, south jersey and into philadelphia. finally moving out later thursday afternoon. so a lot going on and it starts this afternoon. after the clouds increase this morning, we'll see developing light snow and then sleet and potentially freezing rain late this evening. 30s today. tomorrow, the temperature climbs. that's why we're getting rain. 34 to start with in the morning. 48 degrees is the high temperature tomorrow. then back to snow on thursday. dry on friday sunshine, but it will be cold in the morning. 12 degrees. moderating temperatures this weekend. we'll be in the 40s for saturday sunday and monday. and the messy commute may be this evening, but already we've
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had a couple accidents out there this morning. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is here to update us. >> good morning. we are starting to see volume build on interstate 78 eastbound right near route 22. all because of an accident blocking the right lane. you can see just a small line of traffic out there as drivers slowly pass this scene. only one lane of traffic is getting by the accident. take 22 to get around it. that looks good into philadelphia. the majors are free of any big accidents, but we continue to follow an accident out of the hunting park section of philadelphia. this is happening on hunting park avenue and north front street. take second or luverne street. for drivers on the northeast extension this morning between the quakertown exit and mid-county toll plaza, drive times are between 21 and 20 minutes. it's looking good out there with an average start on the northeast extension. thank you. eight minutes before 6:00 right now, from the delaware bureau stolen fossils dating back millions of years are back in the hands of the rightful
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owners. nbc 10 in wilmington yesterday as fbi agents returned the fossils to representatives from the brazilian government. the brazilian officials say someone took the 110-million-year-old fossils out of the country illegally. the agent spotted one of them trying to sell them online for $700,000. and we were able to track them down. shaking the sauce. it doesn't just make your car look dirty, but it can also make it look dangerous. this morning the costs to your car from all the winter weather. and a live picture from skyforce 10 now over the scene of this church fire that we have been reporting on for more than an hour now. this is in hainesport burlington county. you can see the firefighters have the fire out now completely it looks like. the investigation begins into what caused the fire. matt delieu hahucia is on the scene and will have an update for us soon.
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jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything...
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okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail. well they are known for their fancy moves on the basketball court, but today the harlem globetrotters will use the battleship new jersey as their court. the globetrotters will be on the deck of the ship shooting
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baskets into a hoop on a tugboat floating down the river. you got that? also, on top of that the team has five games this week in philadelphia and denver. well, with storm after storm this winter, the weather can be causing major damage to your car. you know this aaa midatlantic says once the road salt really gets onto your car it causes corrosion to your vehicle's frame and doors. also the undercarriage and wheel wells, brake drums, brake lines and can damage the paint job to your car. aaa says to wash your car once a week. also, make sure the car wash you visit is equipped the clean the vehicle's undercarriage. they also advise checking for chips in the paint and get those fixed as soon as possible to avoid roughing. and we see this a lot in the winter, nbc 10's camera captures flying ice coming off the back of the camera coming at one of our news vehicles. no doubt, this is a sight you see during the icy winter.
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ice on top of snowstorms on top of cars can lead to dangerous situations. a driver trying to dodge a flying chunk of ice turned deadly in 2005. and that's what prompted pennsylvania to pass a law with fines for injury or death caused by ice. >> we are just trying to take our time and making sure we're paying attention. >> now experts say the simple solution is just to clean off your car. if your vehicle takes a direct hit, insurance agents say you need to get a plate number and a description of the vehicle from where the ice came. now we looked up the laws for all three states in this area to find out what could happen if snow and ice is not removed from your car. in new jersey you could be fined up to $75 if your car is found to have dangerous accumulations. fines in pennsylvania can be up to $1,000 if the accident causes an injury. and in delaware they don't have a specific law. i will say there is an effort by a local lawmaker to change the
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law in pennsylvania so that it's not just stipulated to have to result in injury. that you could be fined just for the ice. because we had a situation where a guy's windshield was cracked, but because he was not injured, the truck driver doesn't face a penalty. >> right. >> as a rule of thumb, i just don't drive behind big rigs. >> it is very scary. but it could just be a car, too. a car or suv. >> something pretty high. good information. thank you very much chris. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. we are following two breaking news stories for you this morning. first, a burlington county church goes up in flames. and within the last few minutes, we spoke to the pastor. and another fire. this one in camden county. the apartment fire forced residents out of their homes and into the cold. we are live on the scene with a live update. and then another storm is headed our way. take a look at this. it will bring us a wintry mix and we'll let you know when it will hit your neighborhood and how it will affect your day.
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good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll bring in bill henley to find out when it will hit our neighborhood. we'll see snow hit our neighborhoods this afternoon. the clouds will be on the increase, but it is dry this morning. it is cold to start with. 24 degrees here at nbc 10. it's a first alert weather day for what is moving in this afternoon and this evening. it will start with light snow. and then it will change over to sleet. and possibly some freezing rain as well. it will make for hazardous travel especially during the commute later today. right now it is dry, but what is going to be moving in? you can clearly see in the chicago area and pushing to the east into ohio that will be here for your evening commute. and heading out the door right now, you have to bundle


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